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We are experts in helping global service providers succeed in delivering SaaS solutions to their business customers.

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Increasing customer satisfaction,
loyalty, and life-time value.

Business Customers Served


What We Do

We don’t just talk, we do. Mural can augment existing teams or take complete lifecycle responsibility for delivering cloud services to business customers.


What To Expect

Working with us means you can expect a whole lot of great results. Like maximized SaaS revenue, portfolio adoption and retention, streamlined service and support, and a lot of happy customers.

Churn Reduction

SaaS Sales & Up-Sell Conversion

Average NPS

Maximized SaaS
Sales and Revenue

Streamlined and
Optimized Support

Customer Success

Who We Do It For

We partner with software, technology, and communications companies across the world to serve their SaaS business clients.

Global Telco and
Cable Operators

Independant Software Vendors (ISVs)

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Service Integrators (SIs)


"Top-class service from Collin. He was very friendly, patient and helpful. He called back several times to complete the job and made sure that everything was completed satisfactorily before closing the call. He is a great asset to your team. It's this service that sets them apart."

Our Expertise

Mural has deep product expertise across the most popular and valuable SaaS and Cloud solutions for businesses. Whether you need help with packaging, positioning and sales, or your customers need assistance with setup, migration, administration or support, Mural can partner to deliver the solution you need.

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