Mural Leadership

Barb Vance

Vice President of Performance Development

As Vice President of Performance Development and Employee Experience for Mural, Barb leads the efforts responsible for Learning and Development, Culture and Wellness, Recognition, Talent Management, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Barb strongly believes that a great employee experience starts well before new hire orientation and continues beyond an employee's last day with the company. This is her guiding principle in creating a company culture where employees are inspired to bring their "whole-selves" to Mural to do the best work of their lives. Why? She understands that engaged employees deliver amazing customer experiences.

Bringing over 20 years working in human resources, performance consulting, leadership development, and technical training, along with having worked for multiple, global Fortune 500 companies across industries in hospitality, theme parks, pharmaceuticals, software development, and financial services, Barb is a passionate steward for employee experience excellence.

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