Mural Corporation

A brief introduction and history.

Perfecting the customer experience

We are a business-to-business IT support and professional services company that works with some of the world’s most notable companies, including Fortune 500, to optimize the experience for their Cloud and Managed IT customers. A strategic approach to customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction enables Mural to deliver personalized world-class results.

Our rapidly growing team of Cloud experts allow us to empowers business customers around the world to easily adopt new Cloud services and technologies. Part of our offerings include a suite of professional services such as Onboarding, Support, Training, and Managed IT.


A mission for success.

For over 12 years Mural been an industry leader in strategy, technical services and ongoing support for the full suite of on-premise, hosted and SaaS Microsoft collaboration applications, including Exchange and Office 365.
Our worldwide client-base knows how dedicated and professional our team of one hundred-plus cloud experts is. Based in Tucson, Arizona, Mural works closely with global carriers, telecommunications companies, service providers, hosting providers and Microsoft, with the goal of educating, on-boarding and supporting business customers. Whether we’re supporting a small company with only a few employees or a large one with thousands, we bring the highest standard of professionalism and unmatched dedication to service.

Every day, we enthusiastically embrace our mission to maximize success and satisfaction for both our partners and their end customers, striving to optimize business and improve sales. For Mural team members, it’s a point of personal pride that we create and maintain long-term customer relationships on behalf of our partners, becoming trusted extensions of the teams we support.

With the direct and unparalleled expertise to deliver cloud solutions, training and consulting expertise to our partners around the world, Mural has successfully migrated well over 500,000 mailboxes across nearly 100,000 end business customers. In addition to migrations, we have provided direct education to over 100,000 businesses, optimizing their ability to leverage hosted offerings including mail, SharePoint, OneDrive, file sharing, and security.
The goal has always been to improve and protect our partners’ businesses.

As we continue to engage with hundreds of customers each month across a broad range of Office 365 questions and support needs, Mural understands what most excites and concerns SMBs as they move to new technologies. Providing an exceptional white glove experience for end users is an essential part of the Mural mission for success.