Mural Corporation

Moving small business forward.

At Mural, our mission is to empower small business success by enabling cloud technology and services. We provide specialized professional services that are focused on Microsoft and other leading cloud technologies, helping small business customers with assessments, setup & activation, end-user training, technical support and ongoing management.

We know first-hand the daily challenges that small businesses face: attracting and retaining loyal employees, competing locally and globally at the same time, and managing to make enough money to keep going.

Today’s amazing technologies can help solve these challenges for even the smallest of businesses. They are more accessible and affordable than ever, yet without a clear and thoughtful IT strategy, many businesses find themselves piecing together disconnected apps and services, creating additional complexities, not less. Paying more, not less. Creating more work to manage it all, not less.

This is where Mural comes into the picture. Mural partners with leading IT and telecom clients around the globe to help small business customers simplify the cloud. We help our customers get the right cloud technologies to power their business and get the most out of their investments